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Flavours That Transport You Across The Globe

NOVI is a restaurant that takes great pride in serving a delectable array of homemade American classics. The company’s menu features mouthwatering burgers, succulent BBQ dishes, and indulgent desserts, all prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients. NOVI pairs its carefully selected craft beers with the rhythmic backdrop of good music, offering patrons an authentic taste of the USA through the import of select ingredients directly to their plates.

TukTuk takes patrons on a culinary journey through India like no other. The restaurant’s menu pays homage to the heart of Indian home cooking, utilising simple and fresh ingredients to create an array of dishes that showcase the diverse flavours of India. What sets TukTuk apart is its commitment to grinding its own mix of spices in-house, ensuring each dish bursts with authentic Indian aromas and tastes.

Zen Sushi to Go Express is your ticket to a Japanese culinary adventure. The Japanese restaurant is renowned for its commitment to freshness and authenticity. The company sources the freshest fish and produce daily, ensuring that every sushi, sushi wrap, and salad they prepare is of the highest quality. Dishes at Zen Sushi to Go Express are crafted to order, allowing the company to deliver the freshest and most aromatic flavours, all with natural ingredients.

Falafel Street is dedicated to offering a genuine taste of Lebanon. This Lebanese restaurant specialises in authentic Lebanese cuisine, taking pride in the use of the freshest and most authentic seasonings and spices. From mouthwatering falafel to succulent shawarma, Falafel Street’s dishes are a celebration of Lebanese flavours that transport patrons to the bustling streets with every bite.

“Da Lorenzo” embodies the essence of Italian cuisine, brought to life by the passion and thirty years of experience of its founder, Lorenzo, in the world of pasta. This restaurant, located in the heart of Malta, goes beyond merely preparing dishes: it is a celebration of pasta as a universal element of gastronomy. Here, Lorenzo has created a place where Italian tradition meets the dynamism of a global setting. The fresh pasta making machine symbolizes this synergy, blending innovation with deep roots. 

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